Better manage your property and tenants with Sapama's Online Property Management Software

0 | 94 is the world's most comprehensive cloud-based Online, Web-based Property Management Platform that is designed by and for property managers. It bring together property managers, landlords and tenants in one space to streamline, automate and simplify property management processes based on industry best practices.

In the spirit of information sharing in the real estate industry, is focused on empowering users with relevant, reliable and accurate information they need to make smart decisions about homes, real estate and mortgages. Its mission is to build the most vibrant and valuable marketplace in the real estate industry. The website is transforming the way consumers make home-related decisions and connect with professionals. enables you to;

  • raise service charge invoices
  • raise water bills based on previous and current readings
  • send invoices and receipts and reminders via SMS or email
  • record payments and issue a receipt
  • integrate to M-PESA so that payments made via your Paybill automatically reflect in the system
  • generate tenant statements of accounts
  • manage suppliers and record payments made to suppliers
  • generate management and financial reports
    • Keep a record of tenants lease agreement and configure rent escalation
    • Manage and record your tenants bio-data
    •  Get notified when a lease is about to expire


1. Lease Management

  • track when the lease is starting and ending
  • setup the amount of rent, service charge, water, electricity, garbage and any other bill payable
  • setup escalations 

2. Tenant Relationship Management

  • Record all communication and correspondence with tenants in one place
  • Qualify your leads and close more sales
  • Track, delegate and resolve tenant complaints and tickets resulting in better customer service

3. Automated billing

  • Automate sending of branded rent and service charge invoices via SMS or email, thus reducing printing cost
  •  Automatically calculate variable bills such as water based on the current andprevious readings and unit rate
  • Automatically charge penalty on a certain date either a percentage or fixed amount

4. Real-time payment collection

  • Integrates to Mobile Money (MPESA, Equitel) and major banks for instant payment notification
  •  Reduce reconciliation time
  • Thank customers via SMS or email on payment reception

5. SMS or email invoices, receipts and reminders

  • Automate sending payment reminders via SMS or email thus collecting your money in time
  • Allow tenants to login and view their profile
  • Tenants can generate, view and download their statement of accounts at any time

6. Tenant portal

7. Landlord portal

  • Landlords can login and view their profile
  • Landlords can generate, view and  download financial statements

8. Expense Management

  • Record expenses incurred in managing the property
  • Group expenses such as security, repairs or garbage collection
  • Include expenses in financial reports

9. Financial reporting

  • Comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Generate, view and download accurate and update to date financial reports (Landlord reports, Income Statement, general Ledgers, Cashflow Statements and Balance Sheet) that enable you understand the financial health and performance of your portfolio at any time

10. Document Management

  • Digitally save your records online and reduce paperwork on your desk
  • Keep a record of your tenants and landlords photos and scanned identification documents such as passports
  • Scan and upload receipts and cheques against payments for future referenceand easy audit

11. Role-based access

  • Different users can login and only perform actions that they are authorized to
  • View an audit trail of who did what, at what time, from which IP address and browser.


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