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Human resource is the strategic approach  to the effective management of people in an organization, so that they can help the business to gain a competitive advantage. It is designed to maximize employees’ performance , in line with the organization’s goals. It is a department in an organization that deals with concerns that are related to staff. This includes matters such as hiring, compensation, performance, safety, wellness, benefits, motivation and training. HRM plays a strategic he role  managing, creating, implementing and supervising policies/regulations, which are mandatory for every employee.

Automation of HR workflow and many of its basic processes helps in increasing efficiency, reduce costs and improve productivity. Organizations that adopt HR technology tools have a competitive advantage over those that do not. Additionally, automation of HRM processes translates to  less papers, less forms, less files. This is information is stored in an online database.

Do you desire to automate your HRM processes? Then  Sapama HRM software is the best solution for you. Sapama HRM is a Cloud-based Human Resource Management Platform that simplifies the already complex HR management processes, giving you much benefits at extremely affordable charges besides enabling your staff to focus more on production. Sapama HRM offers great benefits in  the various aspects of the organization.

Sapama HRM is a simple and easy to learn ,easy to use system, with an intuitive and consistent user interface .It has powerful search, sorting, filtering, exporting and importing functionality. Additionally, information is securely encrypted and safely stored online, it enables  daily backups of all data to off-site. A server role-based Access Control (RBAC) ensures staff access only modules authorized to in addition to maintaining an audit trail of when and who performed a given action and an intelligent login to detect any hacking attempts.

Sapama HRM  provides business intelligence and analytics. It has flexible payments plans and can be customised to your brand, meeting your organization’s unique  needs.

Sapama HRM  will help you in organizational structure, creating employees’ profiles, payroll issues, leave management, recruiting and onboarding, time & attendance and generating reports.

1. Organizational Structure

  • capture organization details

  • manage organizational structure and hierarchy

  • define the following about an organization: locations, departments, job categories, employment status, work shift, holidays and termination reason.

2. Employee Profile

  • manage employees profile

  • manage employees details, contacts, dependents, next of kin, education and experience

  • attach employees to a predefined location, department, job category, employment status or work shift

  • specify employees basic pay, pay grade

  • configure benefits and deductions at an employee level

3. Payroll

  • configure deductions and their applicable reliefs

  • specify custom formulas (bracket-based or fixed) for calculation of deductions

  • configure benefits and applicable benefit taxes

  • process payroll on multiple employees on the click of a button

  • generate professional payslip branded with your logo

  • digitally maintain a master payroll of all employees

  • employee apply for pay advance online

  • employee apply for loan online

  • KRA, NHIF, NSSF compliant

4. Leave Management

  • configure customized leave type

  • assign employee leave entitlement

  • carry forward leave to next period

  • specify work weeks (full day or non working day)

  • apply for leave online

  • view leave schedule in a calendar

  • Delegatee or person standing in for you accepts responsibility

  • Supervisor or line manager approves the leave online

  • HR manager approves the leave online

  • Email notifications are automatically sent to all parties at every step of the application workflow

  • track remaining leave days

5. Employee Self Service

  • Employee can login with their email and password

  • view and download payslips or P9 online

  • apply leave online

  • view and update their profile 

6. Recruitment & Onboarding

  • Post vacancies online

  • candidates apply online

  • interviewers view all CV’s and do collaborative interviewing.

  • candidates are automatically sent an email at each stage

  • set onboarding checklist

7. Time & Attendance

  • track employees overtime

  • track employees absenteeism

  • configure rates used in calculating monetary value of overtime and absenteeism

8. Time & Attendance

  • generate statutory reports

  • generate ad-hoc reports

  • export data to Excel, PDF, CSV

9. Dashboard

  • infographic charts and graphs

  • get quick, executive and strategic insights into the organizations

  • gain business or organizational intelligence on actions that need to be performed. 


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