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  1. SAPAMA - Send customer the setup template for filling. Mention that the phone number is important for sending of SMSes
  2. CLIENT - Fills the template and returns
  3. SAPAMA - Upload the file on Google Drive in the Clients Folder
  4. SAPAMA - Cleaning of the data

Ensure we have the following fields:

  • number - door or house number
  • floor - (floor) or block
  • from_date - the date when the lease is starting or the first date of the month
  • type - residential or commercial in small case
  • tenant_phone - primary tenant phone number that will be used to send smses
  • tenant_secondary_phone - tenant secondary phone number if any 
  • tenant_email - primary tenant email address that will be used to send emails
  • tenant_secondary_email - tenant secondary email adddress if any
  • tenant_document_number - id or passport or certificate of incorporate
  • tenant_document_type - 1 if id, 2 if passport, 3 if certificate
  • landlord_name - the landlord's name if set or name of the property


  • for bills like rent or service charge, water we need two columns prefixed by bill_ and payable_ and replace space with _
  • for fixed bills use the amount
  • for variables bills use the previous reading


  • bill_rent - this is the amount of rent
  • payable_rent - this is the billing cycle eg 1 for months, 2 for 2 months, 3 for quarterly
  • bill_service_charge - this is the amount of service charge
  • payable_service_charge - this is the billing cycle eg 1 for months, 2 for 2 months, 3 for quarterly


  • for balance we need one column prefixed by balance_ 
  • if arrears, it should be positive
  • if overpayment is should be negative 
  • eg balance_rent, balance_service_charge

5. Save a new file as .csv and the file name should not be numbers use alphabets

6. Login to the demo account, go to "Premises", click "Import" and upload the file: / mbagi123

7. If everything is uploaded, login to the customer account and upload.


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