Simple online book keeping and accounting software to raise invoices, bills and expenses

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For any business enterprise to succeed in its mandate and make profit, there is need for transparent, reliable and accessible financial records. One of the major bottleneck for efficient accounting records is  stored financial data in many places such as books, files, data in receipts books and invoices. Locating such data is hectic as some receipts may be misplaced to hide evidence! This poses an organization to a state of financial loss and lack of accountability. The old days of using hard copy files and books are gone! In order to maintain a competitive advantage  and proper, well organised accounting records , Sapama Books is here for you!

Sapama Books is an easy-to-use, online accounting software designed for small and mid-sized businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow. It is safe and secure, helping you to know where you stand financially as an organization. It is affordable, with an executive dashboard that give you useful insights and alerts on what needs to be done. Sapama Books gives you the ability to generate  statutory and ad-hoc reports, which can easily be exported to Excel, Csv and Pdf.

Sapama Books has the following features:

Online Accounting

  • Get a real-time view of your cashflow

  • Reduce manual data entry

  • Collaborate with your team

  • Free and automatic updates

Easy Invoicing

  • create and send professional invoices and get paid faster

  • know when customers open your invoice

  • streamline your workflow

  • charge expenses to your customers

Bank Reconciliation

  • match statement lines from your bank account with transactions you create in Sapama Books and just click OK to reconcile.

  • keep your accounts accurate and up to date


  • create quotes online – from anywhere

  • design professional-looking templates

  • see the status of quotes at a glance

  • quickly find quotes to follow up or invoice

  • drive faster decisions with online quotes


  • Track, adjust, and replenish stock easily.

  • track your sales

  • track your purchases

Business partners

  • create, edit, and manage all your customers and suppliers from within Sapama Books.

  • stay informed of all the activities

  • always keep your contacts' information updated.

Product management

  • have an updated catalog

  • assign product to a predefined tax group, category or measuring unit

  • set product selling and purchase prices and descriptions

  • upload documents, photo pertaining to the product

File storage

  • attach files to any transaction and store them in Sapama Books


  • infographic charts and graphs give you quick, executive and strategic insights into your financial performance

  • see your receivables, payables, cash flow, income, and expenses right from your dashboard.

  • gain business and financial intelligence on actions that need to be performed


  • Create sales reports

  • Produce purchase reports

  • See Sales Tax Reports

  • Generate financial reports ie P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statement


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