What's NSSF? How to submit NSSF returns

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What is NSSF?

NSSF stands for National Social Security Fund. It is a government agency responsible for the collection and safekeeping, responsible investment and distribution of retirement funds of employees in both formal and informal sectors of Kenyan economy. Participation for both employers and employees is compulsory.

Registration as a National Social Security (NSSF) Member/Requirements

Registration to National Social Security Fund is easy and fast as people visit their nearest NSSF to register.

For the employed, one requires:

  1. Original National Identity Card

  2. Alien Card/Passport

  3. Photocopies

  4. Letter of introduction from your employer

You will be registered once your details are recorded and issued with a NSSF membership card with a unique number.

Members can also register online via the NSSF e-service at their website accessed at


As an employer, NSSF provides the capability for employers to make contributions on behalf of employees.

Documents required (3 copies of each)

  1. Employer application form(download from NSSF website)

  2. PIN certification

  3. Certification of incorporation

  4. City council certificate

  5. National ID/Passport (for foreigners)


To make NSSF contribution via mpesa, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to M-Pesa menu

  2. Select payment services

  3. Select PAYBILL

  4. Enter business number 333300

  5. Enter account number(membership number in your card)

  6. Enter the amount and your M-Pesa PIN,press ok.

  7. M-Pesa send you a confirmation message.

NB: Applies to self-employed members who make contribution at any time of their choice

Monthly Contributions

  1. Self-Employed/Voluntary Contributors

       - Self employed shall make minimum contributions of  Ksh. 200 per month.

  1. Employee deductions

- 12% of the employee’s total earnings.Out of this, employers shall remit 6% of their employees pensionable salary/wages and the employee is deducted 6%.


  1. Every  NSSF member should submit the expected monthly contribution by 15th of every month. Late remits attracts 5% penalty


  1. Age / Retirement Benefit

  2. Withdrawal Benefit

  3. Survivors Benefit

  4. Invalidity Benefit

  5. Funeral Grant


Step 1: Login to, Go to "Payroll" Menu > Click on "Payslips" Search for the month>Click "Download"> Click"NSSF" report

Step 2: Login to NSSF portal ( and upload the by-product

Step 3: Generate payment slip for the NSSF just submitted

You need to generate a payment slip for the NSSF contribution. The payment slip is what you will use to make a payment for this liability at the bank


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