Sapama CRM - Online Customer Relationship Management Software

SapamaCRM is a Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management Software that enables you increase your sales and profitability by closing more deals and helps you understand and know your customers by building better customer relationships, interactions and engagements.

SapamaCRM - Online Customer Relationship Management System


Lead Management

  •  close more deals
  •  keep a record of all your potential leads
  •  route and assign deals to the right person
  •  track marketing campaigns across all channels

Account Management

  •  KYC - Know your customers
  •  access customer information from anywhere

Opportunity Management

  •  get all details on your team's deal - stage, products, competition, quotes and more
  •  quickly create up-to-the-minute quote

Contact Management

  •  have a complete 360-degree view of your customers
  •  know every contact in your customers accounts
  •  collaborate with people organization-wide

Event Management

  •  never forget an important business meeting
  •  get reminders to your mobile phone and email
  •  better plan and organize your business activities

Task Management

  •  prioritise issues that need to be done
  •  keep track of status of issue


  •  infographic charts and graphs that help you make critical decisions anywhere
  •  get quick, executive and strategic insights into your sales and marketing activities
  •  gain sales and marketing intelligence on actions that need to be performed


  •  generate ad-hoc reports
  •  export data to Excel, PDF, CSV


KYC - Know your customers

  •  build better customer relationships
  •  manage customer interactions

Increase sales

  •  drive more sales
  •  increase conversions
  •  increase profitability
  •  automate your sales process

Ease of use

  •  easy to use, intuitive and consistent interface
  •  quick learning curve
  •  powerful search functionality

Improve efficiency

  •  automates and streamlines Sales & Marketing processes
  •  reduce cost

Safe and secure

  •  information is securely stored
  •  daily backups of data
  •  role-based Access Control (RBAC) ensures users access only modules authorized to
  •  maintains an audit trail of when and who performed a given action

Business Intelligence & Analytics

  •  executive dashboard gives helpful insights
  •  ability to generate ad-hoc reports
  •  export reports to Excel, CSV and PDF

Pay as you go

  •  affordable
  •  pay only per account
  •  no contracts, no astericks
  •  conviniently pay via mobile money or credit card (coming soon)

Alerts & notifications

  •  get alerts on what needs to be done eg an event is tommorrow
  •  get alerts on time specific actions eg when an issue changes status

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