Sapama HRM - Web-based HR & Payroll Software

SapamaHRM is a Cloud-based Human Resource Management Platform that simplifies the already complex HR management processes.

SapamaHRM - Online HR & Payroll System


Organizational structure

  •  capture organization details
  •  manage organizational structure and hierarchy such as locations, departments, job categories, employment status, work shift, holidays and termination reason.

Employee Profile

  •  manage employees profile, information, bio-data and job description
  •  upload scanned employee documents for safe keeping
  •  manage employees details, contacts, dependents, next of kin, education and experience
  •  attach employees to a pre-defined location, department, job category, employment status or work shift
  •  specify employees basic salary and payment details
  •  configure benefits and deductions at an employee level
  •  capture any displinary cases
  •  track assets assigned to an employee


  •  Configure custom benefits and deductions at a staff level
  •  Batch process payroll for multiple staff at a click of a button
  •  factor in loans, advances, organization specific benefits and deductions
  •  Generate a professional payslip branded with your corporate logo
  •  Email payslip to individual staff email address in batch
  •  Use the current tax, NSSF, NHIF reports
  •  Generate ITAX, P9, NSSF, NITA, HELB and NHIF by-products ready for submission
  •  Generate accurate bank report that can be sent to bank for payment
  •  Generate a detailed master roll, summary reports by location or department, variance reports

Leave Management

  •  Configure many leave type eg Annual, Sick, Maternity, Study
  •  Employee are able to apply on their own online
  •  Hand over or delegate duties to someone else with approval
  •  Flexible three-level approval (Supervisor, Head of Department HR Manager)
  •  Upload supporting documents eg doctors reports
  •  Accrue or earn 1.75 or 2 days per month
  •  Email notifications when leave status changes at every step
  •  Automatically track remianing leave days
  •  View leave on a leave calendar
  •  Schedule and plan for leave in advance

Recruitment & Onboarding

  •  Post vacancies online
  •  candidates apply online
  •  interviewers view all CV’s and do collabrative interviewing.
  •  candidates are automatically sent an email at each stage
  •  set onboarding checklist

Time & Attendance

  •  track employees overtime
  •  track employees absenteeism
  •  configure rates used in calculating monetary value of overtime and absenteeism


  •  infographic charts and graphs
  •  get quick, executive and strategic insights into the organizations
  •  gain business or organizational intelligence on actions that need to be performed


  •  generate statutory reports
  •  generate ad-hoc reports
  •  export data to Excel, PDF, CSV


Ease of use

  •  simple and easy to learn
  •  easy to use, intuitive and consistent user interface
  •  powerful search, sorting, filtering, exporting and importing functionality


  •  multi-organizations
  •  multi-locations
  •  multi-currencies
  •  multi-languages (coming soon)

Improve efficiency

  •  automates, simplifies and streamlines HR processes
  •  use industry best standards and procedures in HR management
  •  improves HR administration efficiency

Safe and secure

  •  information is securely encrypted and safely stored online
  •  daily backups of all data to off-site server
  •  role-based Access Control (RBAC) ensures staff access only modules authorized to
  •  maintains an audit trail of when and who performed a given action
  •  intelligent login to detect any hacking attempts

Business intelligence & analytics

  •  executive dashboard gives helpful and actionable insights
  •  ability to generate statutory and ad-hoc reports
  •  export date to Excel, CSV and PDF

Pay as you go

  •  free one month trial (no commercial agreement) to evaluate the software
  •  affordable with bracket-based rates instead of per user
  •  pay only for employees being managed
  •  you can opt out at any time

Customize & brand

  •  software is highly configurable
  •  we can customize the software to suit your business process
  •  brand the software to have your own corporate identity such as logo and colors

Email and SMS alerts

  •  get alerts via email and SMS on what needs to be done eg approve a leave
  •  get alerts via email and SMS on time specific actions eg send statutory reports

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