Sapama Projects - Online Project Management & Timesheets Software

Sapama Projects is an easy-to-use, online project management software that enables you to keep tabs of your projects and ensure you execute them within time and budget. With a powerful dashboard to enable your visualize your timesheets, tasks and milestones.

Sapama Projects - Online Project Management Software



  •  set project categories
  •  set project dates
  •  assign who's responsible for the project
  •  assign to a specific client
  •  define the project's budget


  •  organization tasks in term task lists
  •  assign tasks to people concerned
  •  set start and due date
  •  task description and estimates
  •  set if task is billable or non-billable
  •  prioritise tasks
  •  log task time
  •  set reminders

Milestones & Tasks

  •  link milestones to tasks
  •  assign people responsible
  •  set milestone dates and estimates
  •  set reminders


  •  log time spent on each task
  •  Log time on project
  •  track start time, end time and hours
  •  bill billable and non billable tasks
  •  timesheets approval by line and project managers


  •  visualize timesheets data
  •  view info-graphic charts and graphs
  •  filter by project and employee


Plan and manage your projects

  •  unite planning with execution
  •  keeps your team in harmony
  •  visibility into the project status


  •  collaborate with other colleagues
  •  work towards a common goal

Ease of use

  •  easy to use, intuitive and consistent interface
  •  quick learning curve
  •  powerful search functionality

Improve efficiency

  •  automates and streamlines Sales & Marketing processes
  •  reduce cost

Safe and secure

  •  information is securely stored
  •  daily backups of data
  •  role-based Access Control (RBAC) ensures users access only modules authorized to
  •  maintains an audit trail of when and who performed a given action

Business Intelligence & Analytics

  •  executive dashboard gives helpful insights
  •  ability to generate statutory and ad-hoc reports
  •  export reports to Excel, CSV and PDF

Pay as you go

  •  affordable
  •  pay only per account
  •  no contracts, no astericks
  •  conviniently pay via mobile money or credit card (coming soon)

Alerts & notifications

  •  get alerts on what needs to be done eg an event is tommorrow
  •  get alerts on time specific actions eg when an issue changes status

Recent clients

CMC Ravenna - Italy
Kenyan Premier League
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